Employee Ownership – Quando os trabalhadores compram a própria organização

Por ocasião do 8º Encontro Europeu que vai ter lugar em Bruxelas no próximo dia 18 de Maio, aproveito para dar a conhecer as soluções que esta opção representa face ao período de crise qu atravessamos.

The financial crisis brings new impulses for employee ownership development. Firstly, restructuring and rescuing distressed companies are usually a major field for employee ownership solutions. Secondly depressed assets bring new opportunities for investors, including employee owners. Finally, employee ownership should more effectively be associated to the governance and management of European companies, shifting the focus from shorter to the long-term vision.

The new "Economic Survey of Employee Ownership in European Countries in 2008" will be published during the meeting, giving the exact picture of employee ownership on the threshold of the financial crisis.

What is the feeling amongst employee owners? What about ownership? share ownership? employee ownership? Relics of the past or new opportunities? What about the future? A roundtable will gather witnesses from various countries.

Which changes at policy level? Germany was just voting a new legislation for employee share ownership some weeks ago. The Italian Senate discusses a new project…

This is the context of the "political roadmap for employee ownership in Europe" which was proposed in the framework of the French Presidency of the European Union. Furthermore, year 2009 will see the election of a new European Parliament and the instalment of a new European Commission. This is why the EFES is calling for support to its "Manifesto for the 2009 European Parliament Elections".

Companies of the "European Employee Ownership TOP 100" rankings for year 2008 will also be announced during the meeting.

in http://www.efesonline.org/2009/eighth%20european%20meeting/presentation.htm

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