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Tara Joyce @ Venture Capital IT 2009 from Gesventure on Vimeo.

Na sequência da sua intervenção no Venture Capital IT 2009 em Portugal, Tara Joyce preparou o seguinte artigo que fez questão de partilhar connosco neste blog.


On the anniversary of my first year as an entrepreneur, I was overjoyed and shocked to receive an invitation from Francisco and his passionate team at Gesventure to speak at their VCIT 2009 congress on the topic of  Innerpreneurs.


Just a year before I had made the terrifying but empowering decision to start my own business. It was a monumental decision for me as I was admitting my passions – writing and the web – and developing a plan to pursue them absolutely. I was determined to create a career that had meaning to my life and others lives.




The Leap… into Entrepreneurship


The decision to become an entrepreneur is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions. You are deciding to take a chance at creating your own destiny and this requires authentic confidence in your abilities, your ideas and the world.


But to gain this confidence you first need the opportunity to exercise your talents and test your abilities. Francisco and his Gesventure and GesEntrepreneur teams create opportunities for people to educate and empower themselves and discover their inner entrepreneur.


Francisco provided me with my first professional speaking opportunity and a platform to spread my ideas on meaningful capitalism. As a new entrepreneur, only one year young, it was a powerful affirmation to be invited, and to be supported and promoted by  a congress focused on what is possible in business.


The Rise of the Innerpreneur


I was invited to speak on the idealistic new breed of entrepreneur, the Innerpreneur. Motivated by our values, our businesses are built on authenticity, meaning, and conscious action. We understand that a truly sustainable business focuses on the triple bottom line – people, plant and profit.


Creative and holistic, in a culture and industry where profit is often the only measure of ‘success’, Innerpreneurs, unaware that there are others like them, feel alone in their business practices. But there’s a whole lot of us so it’s critical we become aware of a larger us in order for us to grow and to encourage the change needed. VCIT 2009 provided the first offline avenue for the Innerpreneur truth to spread.


Society is evolving and Business must evolve with it. The stronger the voice to empower this necessary change, the quicker it will happen. We need more enterprises like Gesentrepreneur educating and promoting Business as a means to create a sane, sustainable, value-based economy. It’s the truth we all need to hear.


Tara Joyce shares her ideas on meaningful capitalism at RiseoftheInnerpreneur.com


Licenciado e Mestre em Gestão de Empresas. Presidente da Gesbanha, S.A., especialista em capital de risco e empreendedorismo, investidor particular ("business angels") e Presidente da FNABA (Federação Nacional de Associações de Business Angels). Director da EBAN e da WBAA

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