35th Gesbanha’s Anniversary

Dear Customers, Partners, and Colleagues,

As Gesbanha celebrates its 35th anniversary, I address you all with a message of resilience, dynamism, and gratitude with a feeling of deep joy.


35th Gesbanha Anniversary

35th Gesbanha Anniversary



Over the past year, Organizations had their fundamental values tested to the limit. Considering this, we can proudly say that even taking into account the different challenges, Gesbanha faced (and surpassed) these last 12 months totally in line with its Purpose and Mission: Process and interpret business information that enables our customers to support adequate decision making in their process of continuous adaptation to changes in the competitive environment in which they operate.

This identity matrix – crucial to our operating model -, with a focus on differentiation provided by proximity to our Customers, constant availability and ability to solve problems, and a proactive attitude in advising and seeking solutions, continued (and will continue!) to be preponderant for the success of our Organization, that is, the renewal of contracts with which our Clients have recognized the added value that we have been providing them.



In an industry/sector as mature as the one in which we operate, only with a dynamic mindset and principles can we make a difference. In this context, I must highlight the continuity of our commitment over the last year as an organization focused on continuous learning, adaptation, and internal evolution.

Based on a systemic management approach, faithful to our DNA and focused on niche segments (with a clear vision of where we want and can allocate our resources in a differentiating way), we continued and will continue to be competitive (maintaining differentiation from the competition), and to understand and monitor the needs of our Customers, providing them with the added value that we have been used to since the creation of Gesbanha.



35 years after its foundation, Gesbanha (and the entire business group in which it operates) is an increasingly solid organization with more presence in different sectors of activity.

This reality is only possible given the excellent relationships and work developed with our clients. I owe a particular word of thanks for their trust and consideration for Gesbanha as one of its main facilitators of management information.

I would also like to thank the support and involvement of the Community where we operate. We believe that only with the best partners (technological, financial, educational, social) can we present the most appropriate solutions as a differentiating organization and being and staying present for the causes that promote the sustainable development of our Community.

Finally, a very special word to all our Employees, who with their talent and dedication, has enabled not only the economic and financial performance we have achieved over the years but above all the high satisfaction rates of our customers – a sign that the Organization daily adds value to the work it develops.

I end this message with a feeling of optimism. In fact, despite anticipating a period of social, economic, and health recovery still shrouded in uncertainties, we want to believe that the resilience that so many characterize us will be the anchor that will allow us to continue to ensure the creation of value for Society, for our Partners, and our entire Team!


Thank you very much,

Francisco Banha

Licenciado e Mestre em Gestão de Empresas. Presidente da Gesbanha, S.A., especialista em capital de risco e empreendedorismo, investidor particular ("business angels"). Director da EBAN e da WBAA

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