Evolução do Fundo de Co-Investimento com Business Angels

Business Angels

Evolução do Fundo de Co-Investimento com Business Angels em destaque na EBAN – Associação Europeia de Business Angels.

Aproveite a leitura da Newsletter desta prestigiada Instituição e  saiba o que se está a passar, nesta estimulante actividade, a nível Europeu.


EBAN: How does the Portuguese co-investment fund works?

Francisco Banha (FB): The co-investment fund combines resources from COMPETE (ERDF and state budget; €28M) with business angels (€12,5M) and public VC Caixa Capital (€1,5M) in a total amount of €42M. The investment decision is taken by the business angels to whom the main advantages are investment leveraging and exiting in preferential terms.


EBAN: Is this a programme limited in time?

FB: Yes. The first investments started last year and co-investment facilities will last until June 2013.


EBAN: How much was already invested and in how many companies?

FB: So far over 8 million euros were invested in 55 deals. This means we still have roughly €34M available to be invested in the 9 months to come.


EBAN: What has been the impact in the angel community?

FB: The creation of investment vehicles – which are syndicates of 3 or more individuals, stimulated first time investors to show up and existing investors to commit a certain amount and get serious about investing. The global impact in angel investing is very positive with investments growing from 0,7 million euros in 2010.


EBAN: What is your evaluation on the fund?

FB: I was pleased with the level of transparency in the selection process of the business angels (267 selected) and with the number of applying business angels in such an economic downturn. The communication of the co-investment fund was however limited to the business angel weeks organised by FNABA (a new one is expected for November!). Such major opportunity should have received more investment ro reach incubators, universities, corporations and top managers to come forward with new businesses.


Esta entrevista e mais informações na Newsletter #81 da EBAN.

Licenciado e Mestre em Gestão de Empresas. Presidente da Gesbanha, S.A., especialista em capital de risco e empreendedorismo, investidor particular ("business angels"). Director da EBAN e da WBAA

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