XII Venture Capital IT

XII Venture Capital IT

XII Venture Capital IT

We count with you to help us support this initiative!

The promotion of an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit isn’t a Portugal’s choice anymore, but a critical need.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is, without a doubt, the driving force of innovation, growth and employment creation in the world economy. In a context of technological quick change, increasingly demanding by consumers and with more and more global competitors, it’s essential, to ensure prosperity of our society, that the entrepreneurial spirit can be disseminated and well treated.

In this context, Venture Capital IT, besides being an active debate and discussion meeting, promoting the suited conditions to foster entrepreneurship and its closeness to Venture Capital, by making presentations in both Elevator Pitch and private session formats presenting projects between entrepreneurs and investors, keeps being assumed as the main Event to show to the National Entrepreneurial Community the important evolutions registered in the domain of the named Public Policies to support Entrepreneurship and Business Financing.

We believe, as we did in VCIT’s first edition, that Entrepreneurship does not operate in vacuum and it can only prosper in a healthy Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in which the several stakeholders – entrepreneurs, investors, companies, universities, government, services suppliers, etc. – perform their role reducing the market’s information asymmetry once it’s proved that matching entrepreneurs and investors still isn’t easy.

Due to what was said we recommend an active presence in this Congress which makes more sense than ever in the present situation!

I count with you, and the remaining participants, to keep maintaining the significant Dimension that this Initiative has earned over a decade. [Complete Article]

“Venture Capital IT is the only national initiative dedicated to approach the themes Venture Capital, Business Angels, entrepreneurship and innovation, gathering in Lisbon several national and international specialists.

Venture Capital IT, besides being an active debate and discussion meeting, it also promotes the suited conditions to foster entrepreneurship and its closeness to venture capital, by making presentations in both Elevator Pitch and private session formats presenting projects between entrepreneurs and investors.”

– Luís Filipe Costa, President of IAPMEI


Speakers and Agenda for the Venture Capital IT

Francisco Banha

Rui Semedo

Luís Filipe Costa
Francisco Banha
CEO Gesventure
Rui Semedo
Banco Popular
Luís Filipe Costa
President IAPMEI

António Saraiva

Sven Lingjaerde

Paulo Andrez
António Saraiva
President CIP
Sven Lingjaerde
Managing Partner
Endeavour Vision
Paulo Andrez
President EBAN

Peter Braun

João Paulo Guimarães

Jean-David Malo
Peter Braun
Founder and CEO
Mountain Club
João Paulo Guimarães
Jean-David Malo
Head of Financial
Engineering Unit
European Commission

Chris Grew

José Fernando Figueiredo

Soumodip Sarkar
Chris Grew
Partner Orrick
José Figueiredo
President SPGM
Soumodip Sarkar
Management Researcher
Évora University


 PANEL ITrends

“Portugal, the growth imperative”
“‘Back to Basics’ in Financial Activity”
“Opportunities in pharmaceuticals”
“Business Angels in Europe”
“Mutual Guarantee and Early Stage Investments in Europe ”
“The Better Access to Finance for R&I And Growth in the EU”


PANEL  II – Entrepreneurship

Roundtable: To be entrepreneurial in Portugal and Spain
“Entrepreneurship and innovation to a stronger Iberian Peninsula”
“To be entrepreneurial in Spain”
“To be entrepreneurial in Portugal”
Roundtable: Entrepreneurial Cities


PANEL III – Business Angels and Venture Capital

“Indicators about Business Angels in Europe”
Roundtable: “State of the Art” Business Angels Activity in Europa
Roundtable: Opportunities in the Portuguese Venture Capital Industry


PAINEL IV – Private Equity and Capital Market

“Private Equity European and American Markets”
“Advantages of Alternext to Portuguese SMEs”
“Venture Capital in Portugal”
“Mezzanine Operations”


Gesventure’s Prizes

Entrepreneur of the year
Entrepreneurial Council

You can see a more detailed agenda and all the confirmed speakers in XII VCIT Website.


Elevator Pitch

Throughout the congress we will give the chance to several entrepreneurs of showing their projects to the public in 5 minutes presentations.

The presentations occur interpolate manner with the congress’s agenda and has as aim not only to raise awareness in the general public of the emergent business opportunities but also show a little of the entrepreneurial spirit of our country.

This innovative initiative in Portugal, having being introduced in our country in the last events organized by Gesventure, has had very positive results.

Present your application to Elevator Pitch until June 12th 2012.

Licenciado e Mestre em Gestão de Empresas. Presidente da Gesbanha, S.A., especialista em capital de risco e empreendedorismo, investidor particular ("business angels"). Director da EBAN e da WBAA

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Um comentário a “XII Venture Capital IT”

  1. Antonio Amorim Martins says:

    Meu Caro,
    Nestes dias, decorre o Congresso Internacional de Inovação Social, ao qual nao posso deixar de assistir, porque HOJE já nao é suficiente ser-se “apenas” empreendedor (em boa verdade, nunca foi, mas como no século passado se saía das “trevas”, desculpava-se) , mas temos a obrigacao de ser empreendedores sociais.
    Isto porque está provado pela situação a que o mundo atingiu, de crise económica fundamentalmente causada nao por falta de Empreendedorismo, mas de valores empreendedores.
    Quase se poderiam chamar a este tipo nao “Edge Funds”, mas “edge entrepeneurs”…
    Seria indelicado desafiá-lo aqui a uma Business Angels Social?
    Poderíamos começar por muitos caminhos.
    A incubadora de Social Spin da Universidade Católica, é um deles.
    Tem um mail de contato?

    António Amorim Martins

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